Manual Therapy Services

What is Manual Therapy in Physical Therapy?

Manual Physical Therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy. It is as it sounds. Treatment is delivered by qualified hands, as opposed to an instrument or other electric mechanism.

As a practice, it is primarily applied by a licensed Physiotherapist.  Manual therapy is used to treat musculoskeletal pain and numerous disabilities, and are concerned with normalizing the movement of joint surfaces, otherwise known as arthrokinematics. The three fundamental movements of arthrokinematics include roll, slide and spin along with the accessory motions of compression, distraction, and shear.

What Can I Expect in a Manual Therapy Session?

Our Okotoks Physical Therapy practitioners use their hands to apply pressure on your muscle tissue and will rub, knead, and expertly manipulate joints to lessen and minimize pain caused by muscle spasms, muscle tension, and/or joint dysfunction.

We will employ targeted hand placements with defined application of forces to normalize (and optimize) movement to your joints and soft tissues. Manual therapy is often used in conjunction with our other physical therapy services.

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