Ambulatory Community Physiotherapy Program (ACPT)

Okotoks Physical Therapy is a contracted clinic with Alberta Health Services.  Individuals who have sustained a fracture or undergone surgery are eligible for physiotherapy treatments funded by Alberta Health Services.  A doctor’s referral is not required to access physiotherapy.  The initial physiotherapy appointment must be scheduled within 84 days of the fracture or surgery.

At the initial physiotherapy appointment, the client will be required to complete forms and the therapist will assess how the injury has affected movement and function.  The number of funded treatments depends on the type of fracture or surgery and typically ranges from 3 to 7 visits.  The therapist will discuss a treatment plan with the client and recommend the number of physiotherapy sessions that should be scheduled each week.

Individuals with general musculoskeletal complaints (no fracture or surgery) may be eligible for funded visits if they qualify under a defined low-income category.

Okotoks Physical Therapy has been a contracted clinic with Alberta Health Services for many years and our therapists have extensive experience with rehabilitation protocols after a fracture or surgery, therefore you do not have to search elsewhere for physical therapy in Okotoks.  For more information on funded physiotherapy visits, call our office at (403) 938-2644.